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Dream to Reality

My pledge to put the PEOPLE first!
The Zilberberg Administration’s promise to the people.

I promise when sworn into office, I will go straight to work with my executive powers, and work for you, the people, of this great country. I will be YOUR public servant.
I will represent the POWER of THE PEOPLE.
I believe IN our PEOPLE, will work FOR our PEOPLE, and WITH the PEOPLE.
As President Zilberberg I will donate my salary to our children’s education, they are our future, and we must invest in better education for our kids.
Together we will make the following initiatives a reality:
1) We, THE PEOPLE, of the United States of America, will be strong and united again.
2) We, THE PEOPLE, are ALL Americans: Created equal, regardless of color, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or identity.
3) We, THE PEOPLE, will fulfill Martin Luther King’s Dream.
4) We, THE PEOPLE, will be self sufficient, independent of ourselves. We will bring all our manufacturing back into our nation. “Made In The USA” will mean something again.
5) We, THE PEOPLE, welcome immigrants to reach for The American Dream, we will have an influx of vetted talented immigrants (angels) from all over the world joining our labor force. Immigrants will be identified, documented, granted a work permit, and a social security number to work legally in our nation. They will contribute to our communities and pay taxes. If they follow the law of the land with no misdemeanors or felonies, within a three year period, they will be granted permanent residency. Following another three years, they will be granted the most valuable membership in the world: US citizenship. If misdemeanors or felonies happen, then immediate deportation will happen. We the people, will secure and protect our borders, erect walls as needed. The funding of the border walls, and the US department of Homeland Security will come from the tendered payment of each vetted immigrant legally entering our country.
6) We, THE PEOPLE, are always open for business, growth, and prosperity. We welcome entry for free-market capitalism, and self-starting entrepreneurs.
7) We, THE PEOPLE, believe in our children’s education, and their future! We will work as one nation to enhance education for our children. We will incorporate the following life lessons into
curriculums for our children: earning, saving, investing, managing money, accounting, entrepreneurship, US tax codes, technology, real estate, loans, financing, homeownership, living trusts, wills, generational wealth, continued education, trades of interest (plumbing, architectural, engineering, building, electrical, hvac, etc.), languages, first responder positions, teaching, stocks, bonds, commodities, interest rates, credit, profitability and more. We will work together towards enhancing our teachers' salaries. In our school districts we will have a no-tolerance for bullying, cyberbullying, and school shootings. School officials will get gun training, be able to take classes for mental stability, will have the right to voluntarily bear arms and be able to deal with an active shooter on campus, to save our children’s lives. Parents will have the final decision regarding their children’s lives, wellness, health, administering vaccinations, and/or masks… not the government!
8) We, THE PEOPLE, want women to choose what they want to do with their bodies in regard to the abortion subject, not the government!
9) We, THE PEOPLE, want people to choose their wellness, health, and administering vaccinations, and or masks, not the government!
10) We, THE PEOPLE, will conduct equal dollar for dollar trade of goods or services, amongst other cooperating countries.
11) We, THE PEOPLE, will build high speed transit systems to and from our cities. We will invest in infrastructure, airports, bridges, widening of our highways, our water sources in the developing states, and build desalination plants to replenish our water sources.
12) We, THE PEOPLE, will follow our constitution, to secure our freedom, and our rights. Under no circumstances will we follow socialism, or communism stances. Our judicial system will always follow and uphold the constitution. The supreme court justices will run for office every four years and be elected by the people.
13) We, THE PEOPLE, will federally legalize cannabis, and will pardon all inmates in jail who served time for cannabis reasons.
14) We, THE PEOPLE, choose election integrity for our right to vote. Only living US citizens may vote along with their US passports in person. The Department of Homeland Security will intervene in our elections for the legitimacy of our votes. Mail in ballots are strictly for overseas military personnel, and disabled US citizens. We the people, choose open elections whereas every US citizen can vote for the candidate they want, regardless of what party the candidate, or
the voting US citizen is in affiliation of. We the people, choose the popular vote, and not the electoral college!
15) We, THE PEOPLE, choose great relationships with all our neighboring countries, and countries all around the world.
16) We, THE PEOPLE, encourage reprimanding, or the resignation of all the corrupt politicians, leaders in their positions in government. We need integral, honest, loyal, determined, visionary, intelligent public servants in positions of leadership, and in all aspects of government.
17) We, THE PEOPLE, work very hard, and contribute to our government tax system. We want transparency, legitimacy, and accountability of where tax dollars are being invested or spent.
18) We, THE PEOPLE, want our nation to be run as a business, with accountability and transparency. To get out of deficit, and be in a surplus of money.
19) We, THE PEOPLE, seek affordable housing for Americans who want to enter homeownership.
20) We, THE PEOPLE, with the private sectors or with non-profit organizations, will construct wellness centers, and affordable housing for the homeless, so individuals who choose to well themselves from mental illness, substance abuse, traumatization, can get the help they need and infiltrate back into serving our communities: entering the labor market, military, start businesses, and purchase the homes they are residing in. Veterans who served our country will not lay on the streets homeless.
21) We, THE PEOPLE, will terminate human trafficking, and pedophiles.
22) We, THE PEOPLE, want justice served. Murderers found guilty in the court of law, who have intentionally killed, shall seek the death penalty.
23) We, THE PEOPLE, respect our senior citizens. Our senior citizens contributed into our social security system, and paid taxes. Their contributions should be held in a separate account, earning interest. When the seniors reach an eligible age of disbursement it should be tax free, after all it is their money, we the government are holding.
24) We, THE PEOPLE, respect environmental protection, however as a nation we need the participation of all the nations, and world for the preservation of the environment.
25) We, THE PEOPLE, with foreign affairs will encourage and negotiate peace initiatives, peace treaties for world peace, harmony, love, and togetherness.
26) We, THE PEOPLE, will advance in cybersecurity for barriers, and non-entries to our systems.

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