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Donate to Support Barak Zilberberg for President!

Help Independent Presidential Candidate Barak Zilberberg Secure a Spot on the Ballot!

Join us in supporting Barak Zilberberg's campaign to bring positive change to our nation! As a passionate advocate for Israel, Barak is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the United States and the State of Israel.

Here's why you should donate today:

  1. Bringing Israel into NATO: Barak Zilberberg is the only candidate who supports Israel's inclusion in NATO, enhancing its security and fostering deeper alliances with our allies.

  2. Jerusalem as the Undisputed Capital: Barak firmly believes in recognizing Jerusalem as the undisputed capital of Israel. He will work tirelessly to provide a security guarantee to Israel, ensuring its lasting peace.

  3. Preventing a Nuclear Iran: Barak Zilberberg is committed to safeguarding the world from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. With your support, he will employ effective strategies to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Your contribution can make a significant impact on Barak's campaign and help him reach his goal of getting on the ballot. Stand with us in supporting a candidate who prioritizes Israel's security and strengthens international partnerships.

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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) allows an individual to contribute up to $3,300 per election; a qualified political action committee may contribute up $5,000 per election. The primary and general elections are considered separate elections for the purposes of these limits. Contributions that exceed $3,300 from an individual and $5000 from a qualified political action committee will be automatically attributed to the next applicable election, unless specified otherwise. Federal Law requires us to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in an election cycle. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. Contributions from Federal government contractors are prohibited. No corporate checks or corporate credit cards may be accepted. Partnership and LLC contributions may be accepted under certain guidelines. Contributions are not considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
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