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A Message From

Barak Zilberberg

Running for Governor of Nevada as a proud
Republican candidate in the 2022 elections.

Who is Barak Zilberberg


For over 30 years, Mr. Zilberberg has leveraged his open-minded, selfless and compassionate personality to help individuals find happiness. As a real estate investor at Zilberberg International, a company that manages all aspects of real estate ventures, he works with all races, religions, colors, origins, nationalities, genders and sexual orientations. A visionary and advocate of social equity, he endeavors to foster peaceful environments through which others can flourish. In 2022, he is running for Governor of Nevada, during which he will focus his platform on advancing the interests of Nevadans. Specifically, he intends to aid in the research and development of
health care regarding pediatric cancer, improve the Nevada educational system, and teach people about the fundamentals of finance to attain fiscal independence.

To this end, the Zilberberg Foundation, which he founded in 2021, focuses on helping the homeless by providing education to help liberate them from their present circumstances and strive to pursue better lives. Additionally, the foundation gives children with disabilities hope and strength that will propel them to recovery.

Dream to Reality

The Zilberberg Administration’s Dream to Reality Policies! I promise when sworn into office. I will go straight to work with my executive powers into office, and work for you by the people, for the people, and with the people. Immediately with a stroke of a pen I will make these wonders into reality!
1) We will make Nevada Strong, United, and The Real America!

2) Get rid of the Critical Race Theory. Educating our children in our school systems our Constitution, rights, and Recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag every morning in our schools!

3) The parents have the right to make decisions regarding their children lives, health, administering vaccinations, and masking, not the government.

4) Get rid of the broken board of directors, and superintendents in our school districts.

5) Incorporate curriculums for our children at a very young age in our school districts for real life functions such as money management, accounting, tax codes, cybersecurity, typing, technology, real estate trades of interest electrical, plumbing, heating and air, etc.

6) Get rid of the mask and vaccination mandates in government agencies, public, and private businesses.

7) No lockdowns, no shut downs of small, medium, and large businesses, we are always open for business.

8) Create economic growth, jobs, manufacturing, agriculture, business, development, prosperity, and Nevada will be a self sufficient state not reliant to on any other country, or state in the union.

9) Encourage free land for growth, and programs to build the structures to serve our communities.

10) Combat and defeat human trafficking, and pedophiles.

11) Election integrity in our voting system with US Passports in person US Citizens ONLY have the right to VOTE. NO mail in ballots, NO illegal immigrants, No permanent residents have the right to vote.

12) Get rid of the corrupt politicians in resignation of their positions. Bring in integral, honest, loyal, determined, visionary, intelligent public servants into those positions.

13) It is illegal to panhandle.

14) No homeless on our streets, tunnels, homeless will be infiltrated back into the work force, military, etc.

15) Everybody will pay to our tax system.

16) We will identify our illegal immigrants, those whom are angels, and are willing to contribute to our communities, pay to are tax system Nevada will issue work permits, and social security numbers.

17) Ramp up our DMV requirements implement the point system, suspending, and revoking drivers licenses. Eliminate deaths, injuries, in car collisions, and high car insurance rates.

18) Get rid of the sanctuary cities, and deport all evil illegal immigrants out of our State of Nevada

19) Reforming health care, pharmaceutical, treat it as a business, and competitiveness. Get rid of the government intervening, and have an open market in this subject.

20) Resolve the shortage of water in Nevada.

21) voter suppression.

22) accessible home ownership for Nevada Residents Only.

23) Rent Control Caps.

24) Affordable housing.

25) Increase education funding per student by charging higher taxes on Corporations and Investors Monopolizing Real Estate industry.

26) Bring back Tax trust with big corporations so they know their taxes are being spent where promised and invested back into the communities they live in.

27) Tax money to go off the strip as much as on the Strip to help up keep communities that make the Strip what it is.

27) Fiscal Responsibility.

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A self made entrepreneur who believes in hard work, integrity, & American values.

  • Born & raised Republican
  • ​Business savvy and people oriented
  • ​Created & has sustained multiple business’s
  • ​Believes everyone deserves a voice

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